training lessons via computer, laptop or tablet with Stacy 

Reasons to do Virtual Training . . .

  • want one-on-one training but can't find a trainer nearby

  • cost efficient & done from your own desk, no driving!

  • ease your stress & tension about your dog now

Virtual lessons can address things such as . . .

  • manners: live peacefully with kids, jumping, door-darting, counter-surfing & more

  • puppy: how to interact with kids, potty training, chewing, biting/mouthing & more

  • obedience: sit, down, stay, come, leash skills & more

... & so much more!


What ARE virtual training lessons?

Virtual Training is a great way to start your training right away, from your computer in your own home. Stacy sets up a time that works for you & her to start training for your dog right away.