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The Program

For starters, your dog will be living in a residential home, not a kennel or facility. Your dog will be under direct & indirect supervision of dog trainer, Stacy Greer, & possibly her interns, family & friends.  Your dog’s days will be filled with a menu of activities all designed to address identified goals, concerns &/or problems, in an intensive & proactive format including but not limited to:

  • Goals set forth by you & Stacy — This usually includes things such as house manners, skills (obedience), listening, etc. 

  • Priorities set forth by Stacy — This usually isn’t determined until the dog is in the trainer’s care.  Usually in this program goals are set & put in motion but the trainer may also see other issues that need addressing & will do this upon contacting you & discussing.  All priorities & goals discovered by your trainer is only to benefit you & your dog.

  • Socialization & play with people & other dogs — A resident (or other trusted) dog-friendly dog, or dogs, may sometimes provide appropriate play, if/when it’s time and/or if it’s beneficial to your dog. Structure includes balance between play, fun, working & opportunities to rest & absorb lessons. Camp is definitely geared more toward training priorities over play with other dogs.

  • Daily training & work toward goals/priorities — Your dog will receive daily training that is directed toward your goals & priorities.  Your trainer may also see things that are priority that will affect your long-term goals. This will be worked on first & foremost so that your dog receives what is needed to accomplish your dog’s goals as well as the well-being of your dog.  Your trainer will work towards the goals by increasing reliability of manners & skills in increasingly challenging ways incorporating distractions, distances & durations. Structure/routine & management styles used in Board & Train are all intended to enhance the learning or training experience.

  • Transfer & Reintegration back home — At the end of your dog’s program Stacy will drop off your dog at your home & you are required to be available for a minimum 1-hour session (we call a “Transfer Lesson”) that will cover your dog’s completed program. In this session you will review what your dog learned at camp by working with your dog on what s/he was taught, how to maintain the training, & other details so that you can reintegrate your dog into your home & into his/her “new life”.  You will receive written documents with protocols, homework & videos will be sent to you.

  • Prices & Inclusions — All Program pricing includes boarding, training, Transfer Lesson & 2 follow-up sessions. 
    The following prices include 2 follow-up sessions in your home in addition to the Transfer Lesson.

    Please note your dog must stay a minimum of 21 days for Camp. There are no short stay programs.


             ​2021 Pricing for Camp 

              - Puppies 10-17 weeks of age:   $125/day       

              - Puppies 17.5 weeks of age+:   $100/day 
                     Camp Champ! (2nd round of camp for any dog): $120/day

  • Follow-up Lessons. You have 6 months from date dog is returned home to redeem all included follow-up lessons. After 6 months any unscheduled follow-up lessons will be forfeited & additional lessons can be scheduled at a rate of $100/lesson due at time of scheduling.

  • What payment plan options do you have? You are able to pay via stripe & may choose the Klarna option to make payments over time.

  • I’m Ready! Let’s do this! Please contact Stacy if you are ready to move forward. Camp is usually booked out about 3-4 months in advance so you need to discuss with Stacy if you are interested in this service. 


Very critical things you should know about this program.

  • This program is designed to work for your dog & with your dog.  Some dogs come to Camp with trust problems, stress, or other things that may hinder their learning.  While this isn’t normally the case, it has been in a few cases. Stacy works with your dog & will not force training or learning just to meet goals if your dog isn’t ready or able to do something.  This can sometimes mean only a few goals are met, or even just one. It all depends on your dog. Stacy will let you know right away if something like this applies to your dog.

  • This program is not going to give you a perfect dog.  This is a great program for dogs to get a huge boost on training; however, it’s not a one-and-done. Once your dog’s training is complete you will be required to maintain what your dog learned & likely even do more work in some areas.  There is no such thing as getting a “fully trained” dog in a set number of weeks.  Training a dog is a lifetime of consistency, dedication & proper handling from all family members. 


  • If you have a puppy under 12 months of age expect to keep working through developmental stages.  Puppies do great in this program, however, it should be very well understood that puppies (especially under 6 months) couldn’t possibly learn everything they should in a few weeks, even in a month or two.  They are developing & learning & growing which means they will need continued training, understanding of developmental stages, patience & consistency from all family members after they return home. You will in no way receive a puppy that needs no further work from you at home.


  • You must do follow-up training.  The first lesson takes place upon Stacy returning your dog to your home & going over all the things your dog learned & is able to perform.  It is important that you are available for this transfer lesson & can participate with all family members. All programs include follow-up lessons (after the transfer lesson). If you don’t set up to do at least one of those lessons your dog likely will backslide into old habits. 


  • This program does not offer guarantees. Guarantees cannot be made with dog training or behavior. Dogs are sentient beings & many things must go into consideration when it comes to a dog’s ability to learn, how fast they learn & what they learn, therefore, it is impossible to guarantee training or results. 


Prerequisites to meet before attending Camp


  • All dogs must be properly crate trained. — All dogs that participate in this program must be trained to stay in a crate without signs of stress/anxiety when left in a crate.  Young puppies or dogs newly crate trained are welcome as long as they are not overly anxious, overly vocal or stressed when crated. (If dogs exhibit these behaviors at Camp they may possibly be asked to be picked-up.)

  • Dogs cannot exhibit separation anxiety. — All dogs must be comfortable being left alone (along with the above crate training requirement) in a crate without exhibiting more than very minor stress. Unfortunately, Camp is not able to accommodate any dogs that suffer from any level of separation anxiety or isolation distress.

  • Dogs cannot be aggressive to other dogs or people. — This program is not suited for any dog that has any aggression issues directed toward other dogs or people regardless of age, gender, size, etc.

  • Dogs must not have had parasites or worms within 3 months of starting Sleep Away Camp. — This program is in a residential home just like any other home.  This is not a kennel or boarding facility.  This makes camp unique however it also makes for much stricter rules on other things. Giardia, Hookworm, Roundworm or Tapeworm can be passed to other dogs and some to humans, therefore it is vital that your dog has been treated and 100% clear of any of these worms and/or parasites at least 3 months prior to starting Camp.

  • Dogs must be up-to-date according to age on their vaccinations. — All dogs attending Camp must be up-to-date on all vaccination according to their dog’s age.  Puppies may have fewer vaccinations due to age, however any puppy must have had at least one Parvovirus, Distemper & Leptospirosis vaccination at least 10 days prior to starting Camp.

  • Dogs must be kept up-to-date on heartworm & flea/tick preventative. — All dogs must be currently free from fleas & ticks & currently taking heartworm & flea/tick preventative. These can be administered while your dog is at Sleep Away Camp if pup needs to have it during camp; just note it on your paperwork & provide the preventative when you drop your pup off.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Camp


  • How old does my dog have to be to attend Sleep Away Camp? — Your dog must be a minimum of 10 weeks old to attend camp.  There is no dog too old to attend camp.

  • How many dogs are at Sleep Away Camp at a time? — One. Stacy only accepts one dog at a time.  The only exception is if two dogs live in the same household & stay at the same time together.

  • How do I know how long my dog should stay at Sleep Away Camp? — While there are programs with set days for training it is important to understand that there is no way to tell how long it will take to reach the goals you have for your dog.  Every dog is different.  There must be a 3-week minimum as most dogs take at least 3-5 days just to adjust to their new surroundings.  


  • What kind of training is done, i.e., what methods for training are used on my dog? — You can read more about Stacy’s philosophy on training & methods on the About page.  In summary she utilizes reward-based training & will not utilize corrections or any type of physical correction collars to train your dog.


  • So what does a day at Sleep Away Camp look like for my dog? — Stacy has 2 dogs & 3 daughters (ages 12 years & 8 years old twins), & a patient husband!  The camper dog will stay in a crate when s/he is not being trained or playing.  S/he will sleep in her/his crate.  Each day your dog gets to romp about Stacy’s large fenced-in yard. S/he will also hang out with Stacy while she works.  In between all this fun your dog will receive multiple training sessions working on specific behaviors.

  • Will my dog socialize with other dogs at Sleep Away Camp? — Maybe, if it’s appropriate. Stacy has 2 of her own dogs — a 15-year-old Australian Shepherd mix & a 7-year-old Beagle.  Your dog will get to hang out with Stacy’s dogs & play several times a day (if it’s appropriate for your dog). Stacy values training & priorities over dog-play. So, your dog will spend a lot of time alone with Stacy for training & in her/his crate for naps & re-charging.

  • How is this different than other board-n-train programs? — This program is different because your dog lives in Stacy’s home like one of her own dogs.  There are no dog runs or kennels out back.  Your dog will live in Stacy’s house. Your dog will have multiple potty breaks per day in a huge yard with a 6-foot privacy fence; as well as play time with her dogs, training & lounging time inside with Stacy & her family

  • What behaviors and training are guaranteed with this program? — This program is not guaranteed, nor are any of Sunshine Dog Training's training services. Quite honestly, there are no guarantees in dog training or behavior modification at any time. If a trainer/dog training business offers guarantees it should be a red flag to the dog owner seeking training services.

    It is emphasized (in your contract) that my Sleep Away Program is not a guarantee that your dog’s skills, learning, training, reliability or behavior will change in any way from the day they come into my program. I cannot guarantee specific training results or behavior because success is dependent on many factors & variables. Some of these factors include but are not limited to –– genetics, environment, prior training, stress levels, anxiety, adjustability & the dog owner’s ability to follow-up, maintain training & follow all training instructions, post training. These factors & variables play such a large role in your dog’s training success that no trainer can/will/does offer a guarantee on this program or any training program performed and/or conducted through Sunshine Dog Training & Behavior.