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Servicing Dallas Ft Worth & surrounding cities in the Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas metroplex


Copyright © 2018-20 by Stacy Greer of Sunshine Dog Training & Behavior, LLC


training lessons via computer, laptop or tablet with Stacy 

Reasons to do Remote Training . . .

  • want one-on-one training but can't find a trainer nearby

  • cost efficient & done from your own desk, no driving!

  • ease your stress & tension about your dog now

Remote lessons can address things such as . . .

  • manners: live peacefully with kids, jumping, door-darting, counter-surfing & more

  • puppy: how to interact with kids, potty training, chewing, biting/mouthing & more

  • obedience: sit, down, stay, come, leash skills & more

... & so much more!

 Remote Behavior Program

(5 -  60 min online lessons)


Remote New Dog

(3 - 60 min online lessons)


Remote Single Lesson

(60 minute online lesson)


What ARE remote training lessons?

Remote Training is a great way to start your training right away, from your computer in your own home. Stacy sets up a time that works for you & her to start training for your dog right away.

Program Pricing

start ASAP at your convenience

custom to fit your dog's needs

lesson notes emailed afterward

follow-up compliance a must

Remote Puppy Program 

(3 - 60 min online lessons)


That all sounds great, HOW DO I SIGN UP?

fill out the remote client online form to give Stacy more info about you & your dog 

check your email inbox within 48 business hours (be sure to check spam filters!)

discuss a day/time that will work for you & Stacy to connect for your lesson

write down all things you want to go over in your online lesson prior to the lesson

be sure your computer camera & computer are technically ready for your lesson

what happens in the 1st lesson & AFTERWARDS?

  • follow-up training will be contingent upon the work you've done between lessons

  • each lesson is approximately 1 hour in length & is online, via computer, laptop or tablet

  • Stacy asks questions about your dog, any challenges you have & goals for your dog

  • Stacy will guide you on how to work with, train & modify your dog's behavior

  • Demos may be done with Stacy's own dog to help you further see & understand

  • after each online lesson recording, notes & homework will be emailed to you