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Luggage Trolley

Board-n-Train Packing List

  • Crate (wire or airline plastic)

  • Toys (no more than 4)

  • Food (enough for entire stay)

  • Supplements (if this applies)

  • Collar + ID tag

  • Medications (if applicable)

  • Flea/Tick preventative (if it needs to be given during stay)

  • Heartworm preventative (if it needs to be given during stay)



   Extra notes to keep in mind . . .


  • All dogs must stay in a wire or plastic crate. No soft-sided crates or x-pens allowed.

  • Training treats will be provided, no need to send any unless your dog requires special treats.

  • Be sure when sending toys that you send some that you are okay if they do not get returned. Some of these items get chewed up or lost during their stay, if you don’t want this to happen do not send any of those items. There are plenty of toys at my house and all dogs love the toy bin we have!

  • Be sure to pack enough food for your dog’s entire stay. Extra will be returned to you.

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