private lessons for you & your dog, conducted in your home

What ARE in-home training LESSONS?

In-Home Lessons are dog training lessons conducted in the dog owner's home with the trainer, family & dog in participation. They offer dog owners help for specific challenges & can address specific training goals. 

Lessons can address things such as . . .

  • manners: no jumping, polite greetings, etc.

  • puppy: housetraining, chewing, mouthing, etc.

  • obedience: sit, down, stay, come, leash walking, etc.

  • specific: anxiety, new baby, kids, aggression, etc.



each lesson approx 1 hour

lessons 1-2 weeks apart

payment due upon scheduling

homework compliance a must

That all sounds great, so what's next?

fill out the detailed new client online form to give Stacy more info

check your inbox within 48 business hours for details (be sure to check junk filters!)

schedule your 1st lesson with Stacy & make payment

get ready to learn a lot about your dog & have fun with training!

what happens in the 1st lesson & follow-up Lessons?

  • each lesson is approximately 1 hour in length & takes place in your home

  • Stacy asks questions about your dog, any challenges you have & goals for your dog

  • after relevant information is gathered she meets your dog & lays out a plan

  • the plan is discussed, explained & demonstrated with all household members

  • any cues, behaviors & skills are introduced to your dog by Stacy

  • all household members work on the new cues & work out any challenges

  • following lessons are dependent on the homework & your dedication to it


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