online 3-week course for the 2022 Holiday season!

An easy, 3-week course just in time for Christmas!



This course will help your dog . . .

🐾 choose to be calm & polite around guests - no jumping!

🥧 learn to leave food & goodies alone

🎄 no longer mess with the holiday decor

🧘🏻‍♀️ will calmly relax in another room, if/when necessary

In this course you will learn how to . . . 

🔹 keep Fido in the kitchen without snagging food off counters or jumping up.

🔹 help Fluffy greet guests that enter the home without jumping all over them.

🔹 have Fido relax in another room in the event that it's just too busy & chaotic with everyone there.

🔹 help guests learn how to respect Fluffy & help her enjoy being out during the holiday activities.



🔸 1 x week, every Wednesday at 7pm CST group zoom coaching calls

      (1-2 hr troubleshooting & any coaching needed to reach your goals)

🔸 every Tuesday homework will drop with videos & handouts to follow

🔸 24/7 access to group advice & help in the FB group

🔸 ability to upload videos, pics, et help anytime in the FB group


What to expect after you sign up . . .

🔹 You'll get an email on how to join the Facebook group

🔹 After you are let into the FB group watch the welcome video

🔹 More details will be listed in the FB group

🔹 All classes, coaching, zoom calls & handouts will be in the FB group

🔹 You must join the FB group in order to take this course!