about sunshine dog training & behavior

A LITTLE background

Here at Sunshine Dog there is something for every dog & every person! Stacy Greer owns & operates this fun little dog training outfit. She has been providing dog training services to dogs, puppies & their dog owners since 1999. Read more about Stacy, her family, her own pets & all her credentials here

Stacy is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer & adheres to a code of ethics & the Humane Hierarchy when training dogs & their owners. She does this in order to ensure that each dog is given the highest quality training & behavior services based on proven science, education & real-world experience.


As for methods of training ... Stacy applies Learning Theory by utilizing the several quadrants of operant conditioning along with classical conditioning. She prefers to teach a dog a behavior that is more desirable than the unwanted behavior, rather than to punish a dog so that it will stop doing an unwanted behavior. For example, instead of punishing a dog for jumping up on people Stacy would choose to teach a dog to sit when people approach or go lie on a mat. These behaviors are acceptable & prevent the dog from jumping without having to punish the dog at all!


        In a nutshell: Stacy is a rewards-based, positive reinforcement trainer that does/will not use, or advocate the use of:  metal, choke, prong, shock, electronic collars or equipment or the use of positive punishment during training or behavior modification. She will use lots of food, rewards, toys and praise.  She prefers to teach a dog what to do vs what not to do as this makes for a happier and more compliant dog long term.

illustrations by Lili Chin on Learning Theory: Operant & Classical Conditioning