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A LITTLE background

Here at Sunshine Dog there is something for every dog & every person! Stacy Greer owns & operates this fun little dog training outfit. She has been providing dog training services to dogs, puppies & their dog owners since 1999. Read more about Stacy, her family, her own pets & all her credentials here

Stacy is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer & adheres to a code of ethics & the Humane Hierarchy when training dogs & their owners. She does this in order to ensure that each dog is given the highest quality training & behavior services based on proven science, education & real-world experience.


As for methods of training ... Stacy applies Learning Theory by utilizing the four quadrants of operant conditioning along with classical conditioning

When Sunshine Dog Training is helping you train your dog, you'll learn how to go into it with the understanding that you are part of the training & behavior modification regardless of which training service you choose.

        In a nutshell: Stacy is a rewards-based, positive reinforcement trainer that does not use, or advocate the use of:  metal, choke, prong, shock, electronic collars or equipment or the use of positive punishment during training or behavior modification. She will use lots of food, rewards, toys and praise.  She prefers to teach a dog what to do vs what not to do as this makes for a happier and more compliant dog long term.

illustrations by Lili Chin on Learning Theory: Operant & Classical Conditioning

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Providing dog training services to dog owners in the Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas METROPLEX.


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