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Ready for life to be easy with your pup? I'm here to make that happen!

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Raising a puppy is tough, I'm here to help! 
My puppy training programs will make your life easier
& relieve all the stress that comes with puppies!
We can tackle puppy biting, jumping, potty training
as well as obedience & other manners.


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Lower your stress
levels exponentially.

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Make training easy for
the whole family.

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Give you a show-off
worthy pup.

Stacy Greer Dog Trainer


Certified Professional Dog Trainer

You can find lots of dog training advice out there, but here’s what I’ve learned: Most resources are all over the map! With dog training it gets confusing, at best. It seems one person says one thing and Google says another. Who even knows what to do? 

Well, I do. I'm here to make life easier for you as a puppy owner and explain how all this puppy behavior and training works. 

I explain things simply, effectively and accurately. Let's do this. Let me help you learn to live a peaceful, fun and simple life with a well-adjusted and mannerly pup the whole family and community can enjoy!


              Getting a puppy was a lot                   more than I thought it                          would be. Stacy helped me keep my sanity and gave me valuable input on ways to deal with all the puppy behaviors that were exhausting to our family. She also helped us train our puppy to obey commands.

Elizabeth, Cavapoochon owner

Our dog stayed at Stacy's house for 3 weeks for her board and train program. From our conversations leading up to and at drop-off, we felt so comfortable and confident our 4 legged child would be in the best care. . . .

Our dog came back more confident and so well behaved! She also equipped us with the tools and strategies to ensure he retains everything he learned.  . . . We love Stacy!!

Perri, mini Aussie owner

            We can see a BIG                        difference in his                           behavior - he’s doing great and we are so proud of him
Thank you, thank you!!!!
You’re 5     ‘s Stacy 

Lori, JRT owner

              Stacy is amazing & so                        knowledgeable! I came                      to Stacy with literally no experience in training a dog. She really opened my eyes to how fun
& rewarding it could be. Thanks to her, my dog, Bones the Pitbull, has been an ambassador for the breed. 

Julia, Pitbull owner

              We are in heaven with                        Kerby. She was absolutely
                perfect last night with our guests! Thank you again for the great training . . . I hope to speak to [dog owner, name removed] today and will highly recommend you.

Sharon, mini Goldendoodle owner

Stacy has done a marvelous job training both me and my rescue dog. She has wonderful instincts and is adept at reading people and their pets. She uses positive training methods and achieves great results. 

Cheryl, Lab owner

I just wanted to say that not only did Stacy help us with training our dog, she went above and beyond in supporting us with a very difficult situation with him.

Her help was very much appreciated and it made a big difference for us.

Craig, mixed dog owner

Stacy helped me with a very difficult behavioral issue that had developed with my two dogs that are 10 years old. I spent a lot of time and money at the vet with no luck and found that after I took Stacy's advice, the problem resolved within about 2-3 weeks! Soooooo happy! 

Tracy, Dachshund owner

Stacy, where do I begin with how great she is at her job? She understands both dogs and people and works that into her training. She has great methods that really work. She will explain how and why something needs to be done and will go over it with you until you feel comfortable with it. Stacy had our boxer, Lily, at her house for board and train.

Lily became part of her family for those 3 weeks, including snuggles with the kiddos! And the training will not stop there. She is great at answering any question you may have!! Her knowledge is a great resource for you as a pet owner and for her when she works with dogs. I will shout her praise from the rooftop to anyone who will listen. I highly recommend using her if you have any training needs.

Sheri, Boxer owner

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